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Computer Based Test.

CBTest is a computer test systems to perform theorical tests of any aircraft. It covers, systems, performances, weight and balance and any other subject that we would like to evaluate.

Test can be taken in any device including smartphones. The app can be used online, in a local network, a single computer or any device through our favorite web explorer (microsoft, safari, firefox...).

The system can be stored in any Apache server and Mysql databases. Maximum number of simultaneous test is determined only by the capacity of the server, but as the system requires minimal CPU and bandwidth resources, it can reach up to thousands.

Simultaneous tests are all differents. Questions are random selected and test order mixed twice, before being presented to the student.

Ongoing test can be monitored in real time and the instructor can know the actual scores and elapsed time of any student without being detected.

Test questions can use graphics, text, sound, video a mixture of them or links to any external aid (for example a student could be geared to use a computer load planner to solve a question either to use a pdf manual, etc.)

Test results are grouped in sections as required by EASA; ATAs, performances, and weight and balance. Additional groups (CRM, dangerous goods, policies, etc.) can be used as per company preferences. Final scores are immediately presented and can be printed and emailed to the student.

Only the last recent student's test may be revised question by question, but all the tests results are permanent stored in the server.

Click or tap over the images for a bigger view. CBTest here shown is an Airbus A340-300 version.
Images and questions are just an example.
CBTest can be easy tailored to any company requirement.
Click here to practice with CBTest

Login process discriminates between new and registered users. Registered users are further redirected depending on their status, instructors will be taken to the instructor station and new or registered users will be driven direct to the test.
Personal info
When a new user is detected the system collects the necessary data and stores it permanently. Next time this user logs in, this step will be overriden.
CBTest intro
Test intro page shows some basic directions to perform the test.
Test completion time given here is set at the parameters page.
Selecting "Test start" the timer starts counting down and one full package of test questions is randomly selected out of the database on the proportion set within the subjects page.
Test view
This view is divided into 5 areas:
The header at the top shows the elapsed time and the finish button.
Just below on the left is the answering area, on the center the question and at the right the test directory area.
The test directory shows the current question number and a list of non answered questions. Question numbers in red means that the user has selected that question for a later revision therefore the number appears even if the question has already been answered.
At the bottom of the page the navigation area permits displacement through the questions or go to the help page.
Instructor Station.
When login with the user and password assigned to any instructor you will reach the Instructors home page showing a menu with the system options.
Subjects list.
Subjects page shows a resume of the questions included in the database grouped by its ATA. We may select the total quantity of the ATA questions that will be included on every test package. If the subject database questions total is bigger than the test required, questions will be randomly selected.

Test parameters

Test time in minutes, can be modified here.

Questions Review

To review the questions database. Single question view.

Test list

This view shows a list of the latest test taken by all the users. In case the test has not been finished by an electrical blackout or any other reason, the test can be restarted. A link is pointing to the test revision page for that test.

Test revision

This view will show only the last recent test performed by the student. Each new test, will erase the previous detailed revision for that student, althought overall results of each test are permanent stored.

Questions are revisited showing its correct answer and the student answer color coded depandant on correct or failed.

To the right of the view, a list will show the questions failed in red and non answered in black for easy retrieving.

The ATA can be referenced as detailed as needed (for instance: Air conditioning FCOM-DSC-21-10-10 P 1/8) to be reviewed by the student.

Complete test list

This view presents the total list of tests done.
Only the latest test of each user is available for a detailed scores view through its adjacent link.
All the test store the overall results here shown in a permanent mode.

Test results
Results are permanent stored every time the student answers any question. When the test finish, the results can not be changed.

This view is divided into three areas:
- The overall test results.
- Groups results.
- ATA results
Each showing the total scores different grouped. Red color is used to hilight failed.

This view is automatically presented to the student at the end of each test and can be accesed anytime through the instructor station even if the test is in progress showing the actual test results in a transparent mode (not detected) to the ongoing test user.

The view can be printed or emailed to the student.

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