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Load planner for iPad
Make the airplane load plan a breeze
Avoid delays, save fuel, never mind again about last minute changes

Time saver.
Visual interactive tool easy, fast and portable.
Make the payload distribution on the plane, among LoadMaster, Ground Coordinators and Flight Crew.
Plan the optimum payload distribution in seconds.
Balance the plane at its optimum
Save fuel and airframe stress
Increase passenger comfort.
Don't leave a kg of cargo grounded ever again

Send the cargo plan instantly to any computer, tablet or phone in the world by your preferred means, email, whatsapp, airdrop, sms, etc.

Adaptable to any airplane, airline, designed to be part of the EFB Electronic Flight Bag.

LoadMasterWare has been created by high experience pilots, not for profit or commercial benefits. Clik here to go to the App Store page.
With the firm conviction to drive our best future.

Click or tap over the images for a bigger view.


There are three main views. The tittle of the view is on the top left corner. Its position is shown in a bar at the bottom of the view, with three white points and the actual view position highlighted.
Swipe one finger over the view, left or right to navigate between views.

LoadSheet view is the initial view and only can move to the ULDs List View (i.e. swipe to left only)
Main views may have auxiliar views, accesed through convenient buttons.

The white boxes are text fields to introduce the required data.
Light blue boxes will show the calculated figures for the flight.
Anytime a data is modified all the figures will be recalculate and shown.

If any parameter is exceeded its box will turn red until corrected.

LoadSheet View

Is the initial view. The last session will appear back with last airplane selected and last flight figures.
Check the registration of the actual plane at the end of the first row. EC-FBW is the default.

Tap settings button, to select any of the airplanes in your database or to modify default settings. (See Settings view below)

Introduce the flight figures, DOW, DOI, fuel, pax quantity and distribution for a particular flight.
Text boxes in the cabin pax area are colored by First/Business/Economy classes

If there is a discrepancy between total of passengers in the weight area and the cabin pax distribution area, both text boxes will blink in yellow until both figures matches.

Last row of light blue color boxes are the total figures derived from the Load Plan View distribution. These numbers are not applied to the actual loadsheet calculations unless you accept them as good and tap the USE LIR button. The Cargo Compartments white text boxes will be filled with the Load Instruction Report totals and calculations applied.That allow users to have a brief pre-concept of the final distribution by playing with totals in the white CPTs text boxes.

Settings View

Use this view in case you need to select a different airplane, or modify any assigned setting to the actual plan as for instance male weight or cargo compartment cg index.
Settings view will appear with all the parameters assigned to the actual plane.

To change the actual plane, tap over the LIST button and a list of all the stored planes registration and type will be shown. Selecting the desired airplane it will become the actual and its settings value applied to the calculations.

To add a new airplane just type its registration in the registration text box.
If the aircraft type is not registered, the balance figures calculated will not be correct. Email us your needs.

Return to Loadsheet view tapping over EXIT if you have no made any value change or SAVE to store your new aircraft default settings.

ULDs List View

This view shows a list of Unit Load Devices (ULDs) on the right and the ULD details on the left.

To populate the list, tap over the ULD image and a list of standard ULDs will be shown in an auxiliary view.

Select the desired ULD, the auxiliary view will close and its details adopted.

Fill the device number, cargo type the total weight and add the ULD to the list.

Repeat or change the ULD
as needed.

The item will appear on white background color. This color will change to orange and its position shown when assigned to any cargo compartment position.

Tap on the desired list item. Its color will change to gray and the details will be displayed at the details area.
To remove any ULD from the list, swipe it to the left with one finger

Load Plan View

The heart of the App resides in this view.
There are two main areas.
On the right will appear the ULDs list prepared in the previous stage.
On the left there is a cargo compartments floor plan.

Drag and drop the containers and pallets between the list and the cargo compartments to assign, remove, swap or relocate devices.
The planned CG and total payload will be automatically recalculated and shown. Take Off CG can be seen in the TOCG text box and at the multicolor scale located left of the floor plan. When the optimum CG is reached, a gold medal will appear next to the TOCG text box. This box will also change its background color when in the optimum range.
At this stage the App considers optimum TOCG% from 30 to 34 and target to 32.0. Email us your needs.

Move, remove and relocate as long as desired. The App will prevent illegal locations and any parameter exceedence will be shown on red .

Once you are happy with the results, tap SHARE LIR button. A dialog will appear allowing to save as an image, send, save it or use any available application to handle it.

From the Load Plan View you may move left to the previous view or right to the initial LoadSheet view.
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