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Z Time Machine.
UTC and Local time calculator

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Z Time Machine is a powerful time calculator allowing users to add, subtract, and calculate the difference between two local dates and their correspondant UTC date.
You may also use it to change days hours and minutes into minutes or hours and minutes.
Z Time Machine can calculate using hours minutes (2000 limit for the iPAD) instead of dates.
And everything can be performed with only one finger using the more convenient IOS tools.

How many times have you desired go back in time and revisit your first kiss, love, child birth, etc?
How many more to go forward and let things pass?
Now is possible to travel in time thanks to Z Time machine.
One question... That feature is only active during Super red moon nights every 134 years. Then a hole in time will activate the atomium sign on the screen and you will be able to make your dreams real.
I know 134 years is too much time to wait. I apologize, the science is not perfect.













There are two main areas for Date and time calculation, Date area1:

Ipad Iphone

and Date area 2:

Ipad Iphone

UTC time and Local time difference is the UTC time offset:

Ipad Iphone

Dates area 1 and area 2 difference is Time Lapse:

Ipad Iphone

Change the time lapse sign to add or substract it. Time lapse can be choosen in three different formats for the Ipad and two for the Iphone. Formats are, days hours and minutes, or minutes (maximum 2000),
or hours (maximum 2000) and minutes. These formats are interconnected so you may calculate any of the other three (two for the iphone) by selecting anyone. The Ipad image shows that 1day 3 hours and 5 minutes
equals 27 hours 5 minutes or 1625 minutes.

Note (When you are calculating a date difference the sign will be pointing the correct difference positive/negative):

Ipad Iphone

Selecting values in the area 1 will calculate the total adding or substracting the Time lapse in area 2.
Selecting values in area 2 will calculate the difference with area 1 in time lapse.
Selecting values in time lapse will be added to area 1 and the total shown in area 2.

This defaults can be changed fixing the desired values by tapping their correspondant leds.

In the iphone to select a date in date area 1 or 2, tap over the desired date and a rotating wheel will appear for easy selection. The wheel may be dragged through the screen to any position. Tap DONE to make it diassapear.

Tap any led light and it will turn red indicating thatyou would like its value fixed. Tap again to liberate the value and turn off the led. If after fixing a value, the selection you makenext is not compatible with that fixed value, the value will change and the led will be highlighted in green to indicate that it was forced free.

Fixed value Forced value




Area TIME, includes Time 1 and Time 2 values. Value maybe hour up to +/-2000 in the Ipad and +/-9999 in the Iphone.

Select a value in Time 1 the +/- sign and a value in Time Lapse and the result will be shown in Time 2.
Select a value in Time 2 and it will show you the difference with time 1 in Time Lapse.

To choose a value for Time 1 or Time 2 on the Iphone, tap over the value and a rotating wheel will appear. You can drag that box to any part through the screen.

Ipad Iphone


Trust it will make your life easier. Your feedback will be highly appreciated in our phorum.